Using your Website for Patient Education

Posted September 23, 2016

Chairside Patient Education

Some dentists create a series of pages that are not on the main menu – pages they use chairside for patient education. They may bookmark a main index page and then create separate pages specifically to show patients videos about dental prevention, dental diagnoses, and dental treatment options. These pages are usually focused on a specific video. By turning on auto play, it saves a click. The dentist goes to the page and the video immediately starts playing.

Added benefits for using your website for patient education

By using your own dental practice website for patient education increases what is known as “time on site.” This can help you with your website analytics. By using your own website, you can also get your patients familiar with your website features. For example, you may make them aware of your patient portal, how to make appointments online, etc.

Full-screen option

To expand to full screen, just click the icon with the double arrow in the video player bar. Press the “esc” key or click the icon again to return the video to its normal size.

If you have ToothIQ videos on your website that does NOT have the code that refers to "" then we strongly encourage you to upgrade to the latest version of ToothIQ dental animations. Contact us for assistance.

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