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Posted August 12, 2016

This is the first of several blog posts to highlight some of the features of the new ToothIQ video “engine” we released at the beginning of August 2016. This post covers the titles of the videos.

The titles of ToothIQ videos are not displayed unless you specifically turn them on. Why? Because a lot of people like to have the cleanest-looking video possible. However, you may prefer to have the video title displayed so that patients know the subject of the video they are viewing. You can easily turn on the title by adding the following to the embed code when placing the video on your web page: &title=on. It’s that simple! A small line appears below the header and the title is displayed. In the above video, it is the line that says “Bridges.” This will also save your web designer from having to add video titles to the website manually.

If you are upgrading ToothIQ videos that you placed on your website prior to the Summer of 2016, you may notice that some of the video titles have changed. We updated the titles on some of the videos to be more consistent and a little more understandable by patients. For example, we changed the name of the video “Gingival Recession” to the more patient-friendly “Receded Gums.”

If you would like the original title to display, just also add &titles=original to the embed code.

If you have ToothIQ videos on your website that does NOT have the code that refers to "https://video.toothiq.com" then we strongly encourage you to upgrade to the latest version of ToothIQ dental animations. Contact us for assistance.

We hope that you find this blog useful, not only for making the most out of ToothIQ dental animations, but also for getting the most out of your dental website. We've been working in the Web world for over 21 years. Please let us know if there are topics you would like to see covered.

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