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Stronger doctor/patient relationships through better communication

Dental animations for your dental practice website

ToothIQ provides dental professional with over 100 straightforward, unbiased dental animations that help explain common dental diagnoses and treatment options as well as prevention and oral systemic health topics. They are a simple and effective component in communicating well with patients. Preview the video library:

Note: ToothIQ dental animations do not provide medical or dental advice, diagnosis, or treatment recommendations. Click on the “Info” link in the upper left of the video above for more information.

What do patients look for when choosing a dentist?

We’ve been running a survey on for several years, asking patients what is MOST IMPORTANT to them when choosing a dentist. The top result is not surprising: “Dentist’s skill/education/experience.” Dentists, your skills are definitely sought after and appreciated!

The truly surprising survey results

What dentists might NOT expect are the remainder of the Top 5:

  • Dentist who informs me about my diagnosis and treatment options
  • Dentist I can easily communicate with
  • Dentist who involves me in treatment decisions
  • Dentist I trust

These attributes ranked much higher than being in their insurance network, cost, using the latest technology, and several other factors. Why might that be?

Communication builds trust

The last item is the most telling: trust is big. In fact, it was the only answer some participants chose. If a patient has a dentist they trust, everything else is secondary.

There are many factors that go into building trust, but communication is the common thread. Patients want information, choices, and transparency. They want to be involved in the decisions governing their own healthcare. Patients want a dentist who communicates with them – and a dentist they feel comfortable communicating with.

When learning about dental diagnoses and procedures, patients want helpful information, not a sales pitch. That’s why our videos have been designed from day one to be informative and unbiased, not “sales-y.”

The best time you can spend

“Trust is the ultimate root and source of our influence.” – Stephen R. Covey, author of “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People”

Low trust causes friction, costs money, and slows down progress. High trust is an amplifier and a multiplier. Trust creates the best doctor/patient relationship. Best of all, a patient who trusts you will tell many other people about you. Especially in this age of social media, happy patients are your best marketing partners.

In the coming months, will be focusing on providing tips and suggestions for using ToothIQ to improve your communication with patients and building trust. We will also be announcing some new products and services in 2020. Transparency and communication is nothing new for us. We’ve been providing unbiased, transparent solutions for the dental world since 2001.

“I’m just looking for videos for my website.”

If that’s all you have time for right now, that’s okay. It’s a great first step. Just refer patients to the videos on your website and it still helps with communication. Plus, you’ll get more traffic to your website, which never hurts in your dental marketing campaigns. 🙂

Easy to add to your website. Lots of options.

Are you working with a dental website developer or dental marketing company and need videos for your dental practice website? Our videos are always kept current with changing Web technologies and standards. They are easy to implement and have plenty of options and flexibility. Developers and marketing folks also appreciate our tech support and Web expertise. We don’t just license videos – we’ve been developing applications for the Web for over 26 years. If you are interested, check out the technical details:

The technical stuff web developers like about ToothIQ videos
Responsive Yes
HTML5 video Yes – no deprecated Flash!
SSL-ready Yes
Play on iOS (iPhone/iPad) Yes
Play on Android Yes
Embed individual videos Yes
Embed custom playlists Yes
Embed the entire video library in one iframe Yes
Full-screen option Yes
Easy to add to websites Yes – HTML only.
Control size and placement with CSS Yes
Additional options Yes
Technical support Yes. We’re here to help you. We’ve been developing for the Web since 1995.
Videos embedded on website Yes – not a link to someone else’s site!
Videos embedded via iframe Yes – no videos to upload
Section 508-compliant videos Coming soon!

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