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Enhance your dental practice website with ToothIQ videos!

Over 100 animated videos for patient education and to engage website visitors

Enhance your dental practice website with over 100 animated videos that cover a broad range of the most common dental diagnoses and procedures. Sign up. Select the videos. Have your website developer add code to your website. It's fast, easy, and flexible!

Embed individual videos:

Note: ToothIQ dental animations do not provide medical or dental advice, diagnosis, or treatment recommendations. Click on the "Info" link in the upper left of the video above for more information.

Embed custom playlists:

Preview the video library here:

Things dentists love about ToothIQ videos:

Informative and unbiased Yes - patients want helpful information about dental diagnoses and procedures, not a sales pitch
Peer reviewed Yes
Health on the Net certified Yes. Since 2008. Verify
Start-up fees None
Minimum commitment None
Contract None - cancel any time

Things web developers love about ToothIQ videos:

Responsive Yes
HTML5 video Yes - no deprecated Flash!
SSL-ready Yes - all calls to resources are https://
Play on iOS (iPhone/iPad) Yes
Play on Android Yes
All videos in one iframe option Yes
Custom playlists Yes
Individual videos Yes
Full-screen option Yes
Easy to add to websites Yes - HTML and CSS only. Contact us if you need assistance. We've been developing for the Web since 1995.
Control size and placement with CSS Yes
Additional options Yes
Technical support Yes
Videos embedded on website Yes - not a link to someone else's site!
Videos embedded via iframe Yes - no videos to upload


  • Standard: US $39/month (for 1 domain, up to 2 practice locations, up to 10 dentists)
  • Group Level 1: US $79/month (for 1 domain, up to 10 practice locations, up to 25 dentists)

These are the standard options but other configurations are possible. Please let us know your particular needs. If your practice is larger, please contact us and we will give you a quote.

Sign up – or ask questions

Please fill out the form and we’ll contact you for credit card information. (If you just have questions, select “I’m not ready. to sign up yet” in the “Select your license” section.)

  • ToothIQ videos are available for license to dentists, dental website design firms, and dental website marketing firms for use on dental professional websites only.
    Your domain will be validated before the videos are licensed.

ToothIQ videos are the choice of individual dental practices, DSOs, dental marketing firms, dental website developers, dental schools, and dental insurance companies. Here are a few of our customers:

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